Welcome to Resurgence

The Mission of Resurgence is enabling a person to live a successful, fulfilling substance free life.

The mission and vision of Resurgence is to build a society, which aims at helping people suffering from alcohol and drug abuse and their families. Resurgence believes that unless we build a strong foundation based on trust and unconditional positive regard and support, change is not possible. Our mission is to give a new orientation to education about substance abuse and to improve the standard of basic treatment. We want to do this by adopting a treatment module that is oriented towards the client. The main aim of Resurgence is to create centers of joyful healing and restore clients to their families. The therapy will focus on the client’s core issues, their triggers for relapse, provide them with social skills, empower them to be self sufficient and self reliant, help them resolve their past issues, and, above all, help them in building their own support system.


Foster motivation for abstinence

Teaching clients that abstinence is achievable, life patterns can change and that there is a high level of hope for success. Teach them how to rebuild their lives after redirecting thefocus of their activities away from substance abuse.